Marihuana Tax Stamps

Golden Days of Marihuana before the Tax Stamps Act

Marihuana used to be one of the most used substances in a wide variety of domains. It was used for weaving fabric, for example. So how did this useful substance get hit by the Marihuana Tax Stamps Act? Did we forget to mention that Levi’s Jeans were made of old canvas sails which were in turn originated from hemp fiber? Moreover, marihuana also exhibited impressive influence health-wise. Hence, it was used for treating illness such as cramps, stomach pain, and other types of pain. What was the purpose behind the tax stamps?

The End Justifies the Means

Scientific research has proven once and again that marihuana entails absolutely no physical addiction upon its consumption. So upon what grounds has the US government won the general population in the battle against marihuana? The US government affirms that marihuana has no accepted medical use, which is somewhat misleading to say the least. It reinforces the misconception that marihuana lies in the same category as heroin, cocaine, and other such substances. The former two instances manifest the pattern upon which the marihuana tax stamps law has been passed.

Current Marihuana Tax Stamps Law

In 2005, the US Supreme Court recognized what’s to be called as ‘commerce clause’ basically tying down the Tenth Amendment, hereby giving Federal Laws legal supremacy over state laws. That is what paved the way for replicas of the marihuana tax stamps law to take place. However, seeing the extent to which current state laws are conflicting with the Federal laws regarding marihuana, namely the marihuana tax stamps law, the current United States Administration has loosened the leash on marihuana users. That doesn’t mean that its consumption is legalized, just that users consuming it per medical prescription are not to be sought as fiercely as before. President Obama has explicitly given precedence to state laws over the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which is a result of the US Supreme Court deeming the 1937 marihuana tax stamps law as unconstitutional.